Enjoy an immersive, interactive cheese experience
that's unique in Paris!

The Musée Vivant du Fromage will welcome you at the beginning of June, 2024 ! Just a little more patience...

The concept

In the heart of Paris, the Cheese museum offers an educational and interactive space for discovering France’s cheesemaking heritage and regions: a first in the capital! The Musée du Fromage of Paris is an invitation to travel and meet producers, creating links and reflecting know-how.

This “living” place brings together :

  1. A dynamic, modern museum to discover the world of cheeses and its territories
  2. Dedicated rooms for courses, workshops and other events
  3. A dairy (daily production of cheese) to promote cheese-making know-how and encourage vocations.
  4. A traditional creamery and cheese shop
  5. A souvenir store

A cheese museum in the heart of the world's tourism capital?

All along the museum route
the museum aims to promote the French cheese industry.

Cheese embodies :

Refinement and nobility

Refinement and nobility

Caseology is a science in its own right, just like oenology, with its own vocabulary, codes, processes, subtleties and respectability; cheese tasting is an art.

Tradition and know-how

Tradition and know-how

The history of cheesemaking is rich in secular gestures, as technical as they are legendary, which continue to be passed down with rigor and passion, to ensure the dynamism and quality of the industry, from the local to the international level.

Richness and diversity

Richness and diversity

France offers the world's most beautiful and extensive cheese panorama: cheese everywhere, and a taste for everyone!

Pleasant and popular

Pleasant and popular

From the table of a Michelin-starred chef to a raclette party with friends, tasting cheese in all its forms excites the taste buds and brings gourmets and gourmands together in an intrinsically convivial atmosphere.

The museum experience proceeds as follows:

  • La culture du fromage


  • L’histoire du fromage

    1ere partie

  • La fabrication

    2eme partie

  • La dégustation / immersion

    3eme partie